Speeches from the LEAP Scholars

During our roadshow at the NTC on September 6, 2014 where we conducted a lecture forum for the College of Accountancy and Business, our two scholars Roxelle Sobrido and Mico Largo surprised us with their heartwarming speeches. We are so proud of you Roxelle and Mico!

The following are the speeches presented by our scholars:

Speech by Roxelle Sobrido

Fellow NTCians, our zealous professors and my beloved LEAP family, a jovial afternoon to all of you!

I am blessed and thankful because of the scholarship that was granted to me by the League of the Executive Assistants of the Philippines (or LEAP). I would like to give my utmost gratitude to Ms. Ayessa Bernabe for she brought me the good news that I was one of the qualified applicants for the said scholarship. Five students were screened for it, and no one knew who would be the LEAP's scholar. Reminiscing that moment still gives me a shiver, for it was a frightening yet exciting experience. Fortunately, after patiently waiting and praying, Mr. Mico Largo and I were chosen.

The scholarship served as a stepping stone for me to achieve my dreams, and to help my family lessen their burden due to the financial problem we faced a year ago. My father lost his job and was not able to look anymore for another job due to his age; though I know that he tried searching for greener pasture to the best of his ability so that he could support us. Unfortunate things do happen in one's life, but I know that God has a reason for the crisis we encountered and I am still hoping that we could recover as soon as possible. I always keep in my mind that when God closes a door, He opens windows.

LEAP eased my family's burden of paying for my tuition, books and uniform. As a scholar, I experienced attending LEAP's general meetings that enabled me to know the members well and to learn the nature of their job. At the end of each semester, Mr. Mico Largo and I give our semestral report and the report of the activities that we have accomplished.

I am really grateful to the LEAP family, especially to Ma'am Frances Peria, because she always guides us and gives us hope. In return, I will strive hard in my studies, because I don't want to fail my loved ones. I will prove to them that I really deserve the scholarship that I have received. This scholarship, I believe, is a gift to be taken care of.

In conclusion, I would like to give the highest gratitude to Almighty God for the people He used to be instruments of His blessing and love.

Thank you and God bless!

Speech from Micco Largo

"God has bigger plans for me, than I have for myself". This quote reminds me about my experiences before I became a scholar of LEAP.

I told myself that I'll be prepared for the school that I will go to. So when I decided to go to the National Teachers College, I was very happy because I passed the entrance exam and was recommended by Ms. Cris who is the guidance counselor in the school year, for a Scholarship Application.

Five students were chosen to apply for the scholarship, and three of us were given the chance for an interview with the board of directors of LEAP together with the CAB professors and our parents. I was very nervous during that time because I was the last interviewee. I sweated a lot even if the room is air conditioned, and I was shaking even if no questions were still being asked. I controlled my emotions when they announced that Ms. Roxelle Mae Sobrido and I were chosen to be the recipients of the scholarship of LEAP. I almost cried not only for the benefits that we can get from LEAP, but also I saw my mother crying because of the happiness and the things that I have done for her, and for our family.

Now, I am very motivated to study well because of the wonderful things that LEAP shared with us. As the Vice President of SYBA Club I will assure that I will do all my best to be a deserving student of this scholarship. And this day I will use this stage to say Thank you especially to Ms. Frances Peria, Ms. Ching Bognot and to the other members of LEAP for giving this opportunity not only for paying my tuition fee and allowances but also for helping me to succeed. I promise and I am looking forward to the day that I will be able to share with other people the benefits that I got from this scholarship.

Before I end this Speech, I just want to share a very short poem that comes deeply from my heart which I dedicate to the members and the officers of LEAP.

As time goes by,
And everything lies,
I will always remember,
That LEAP is at our side.

We may not be the best,
But we study full of zest,
I think we are lucky among the rest,
Because this opportunity is a Treasure Chest.