The Bully Boss Strikes Again

Researched by Tess Francisco-Floedl

It is common for Secretaries, Executive & Administrative Assistants to have the line "other duties as assigned" in our contract. It is either stated in the employment contract or verbally conveyed to us upon acceptance of the job. Usually, this is a diminutive matter that we do not pay much attention to. But what is the scope of this "other duties as assigned"?

Here are some of the best examples of "other duties as assigned."

Open the Boss's sandwich everyday to make sure it contained no tomatoes.
Drop-off a pet’s stool sample at the Vet. "He left the container on my desk while I was having lunch."
Send fake rejection letters from universities to the boss’s daughter as a joke.
Throw a surprise party for an up-and-coming Vice President’s dog.
Look for "anything suspicious looking," after someone had called in a bomb threat.
Stuff tissue between the Boss’s upper lip and teeth, after he chipped a tooth and then glued it back together.
Check the pencils daily to be sure they were sharp enough. "If they weren’t, I was to sharpen them, but only to the correct size for his hand. If he deemed the pencil too small, he would give it back to me and nastily tell me to save it for my children. I had no children.?
Spray the Boss's bald head with sunscreen.
The Vice President would walk out of his office and, without a word, set an empty glass on my desk. That meant he wanted a glass of water. And the kitchenette is right next to his office!
I typed up high school English papers for my Boss’s son. They had to be perfect – certain margin, format, footnotes, etc. This was in the pre-computer days, when I had to use an electric typewriter. I was so glad when the son finally graduated. (He became a doctor.)
I have to pick and wrap the Christmas gifts she was giving to her team, including mine. The night of our holiday party she made her thank you speech to everyone she men- tioned what I did for her. They teased her about it the whole year. She never asked me to do that again.

These are just some stories that came in response to a post on Admin Pro Forum of the Business Management Daily in the U.S. These are true stories but don’t take it seriously. My advice, get a good laugh out of it.