By Frances Peria

People mark and eagerly await certain days of the year to celebrate – birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Celebrations are likewise held on special occasions: baptism, graduation, passing board exams, promotions, etc. Commemoration of these events comes in all forms and sizes – a grand fiesta, a big blowout, a quiet dinner, a solemn mass heard, a small prayer uttered. Whatever form it takes, we make it a point to mark these special events anyway. But do we really need to wait for such special occasions to celebrate?

Waking up to a new day and being able to see the sun rise is in itself a cause for celebration. Knowing that one is alive and well is a great cause to rejoice. So are being in the pink of health, of having family and loved ones around you, of not being hounded by creditors, of being contented with what one has, and not being unhappy with what one doesn’t have.

To others who consider life is just too short, they rejoice in each moment they live, thus they have a better appreciation for all life has to offer. To these individuals, the grass seems greener, the sun shines brighter, and there is every reason to smile and be grateful for each new day of hope. To these individuals, they live with the dictum carpe diem, that is to say, they seize each day or each moment, and cherish them dearly. For they know that when the moment is over, it is gone forever.

We would do well to consider giving this truism a shot. Everyday, opportunities await us but we sometimes do not recognize it while it is staring us in the face. We must decide whether to take the chance or play it safe, to take risks, as nothing is gained without them. If we find enjoyment and celebrate each beautiful moment we live, then we would have lived our lives without regrets.