By: Frances Peria

I found myself going through some of my old journals and came across this piece:

A very sick friend had me confronting my mortality. A lot of us go through life dreaming big dreams, planning for the future, and building our treasure chest for tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that at all, until we find out that there is no more tomorrow for some of us to speak of. Maybe then we could start to think how best we could live the present.

Where to start? How about reconciling with everyone around us, especially with enemies, perceived or not? There are people whom we may have hurt, most probably unintentionally and consequently we are not even aware of. Then perhaps we could reconcile with ourselves and then be ready to square it up with the Higher Being. The next step? How about verbally reaffirming our love to those we do? Knowing one is loved is amazing, hearing it said often enough is reassuring.

Finally, how about living the present as though it were our last and squeezing the moment for all it was worth? Then perhaps we can go on the last leg of our journey feeling richer, happier and without regret.

I was amazed to realize that it has been over 10 years since I wrote the above. More, I am happy to realize that all these years, “regret” has failed to insinuate itself in my life. And I thank God for that!