LEAP Transformation into Healthier Professionals: “Zumba pa more!”

Early in the morning of March 5th, members and guests of LEAP shook off Saturday morning grogginess and bravely faced an hour-and-a-half session of Zumba. The session was led by certified Zumba Instructor Manuel “Mawel” Sanchez - a member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) since 2014.

Pretty soon, a number of the attendees who are only occasional fitness enthusiasts were huffing, puffing and wheezing.  Yet, they managed to put big smiles on their faces when the camera panned their way.   Still, everybody gamely kept up with the beat. At the end of the session, tired but feeling satisfied, sweat-drenched and all, everyone clamored: “Zumba pa more!”

Zumba was the first event of the Organized Group Activity working group led by Cynthia Arbis of Santa Fe Relocations. Our big thanks to our generous sponsors Ms. Ching Bognot from Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Tintin Cobreros from Usana Health Services and Santa Fe Relocation.

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