Meet the New Scholars of LEAP

In its continuous effort to help improve the profession through supporting well-deserved students, the League of Executive Assistants of the Philippines (LEAP) have awarded scholarship to two new students from the National Teachers College (NTC).

The first scholar is Mhel Faye Melgar a 1st year student of BS Office Administration. Mhel is a graduate of Tondo High School where she finished Top 12 out of 864 students.  Influenced greatly by her parents’ primary concern for education, Mhel believes that one must be educated in order to be successful in life.   As such, she has always valued and tried her best in every educational and academic opportunity that comes her way.  Mhel holds true to her principle as she did an exemplary performance in her first semester in BSOA when she received a GPA of B+ (equivalent to 91%-93%).

An active member of the Junior Association of Office Administrator Club, Mhel looks forward to be an officer of the organization this coming SY 2016-2017. 

Mhel aims to be an Office Manager someday either in Metro-Manila or South Korea. 

LEAP’s second scholar is Joycelle Fornea also a 1st Year student taking BS Business Administration. Joyce graduated from Ramon Magsaysay High School at España, Manila where she finished Top 6 of her class.  She aspires to have her own business someday which is why she decided to take up Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management. 

Determined to make her goals a reality, Joyce believes she needs to work hard in school and grab the opportunities that will cross her path.  Education, for her, is the key to success.

Just like her fellow scholars at LEAP, Joyce also did a good job in her first semester in BSBA when she received a GPA of B (equivalent to 88%-90%).

Mhel and Joycelle joins Roxelle and Mico as LEAP scholars. Roxelle Mae Sobrido is a 3rd Year BS Office Administration student. She has been a consistent Dean’s Lister since she started at National Teachers College (NTC) garnering a GPA of B+ (equivalent to 91% - 93%).  She continues to make LEAP proud with her various achievements , i.e Champion, Keyboarding Competition, 11th PASOA National Convention, Nov. 21, 2014; Best in General Education (among all BSOA) and Best in Co-Curricular  Activities (among all BSOA), among others.

Roxelle’s group won 1st runner up in the Battle of the Minds (vs. 10 schools nationwide), 12th PASOA National, November 27-28, 2015. Having been exposed to administrative work, Roxelle dreams of being a Secretary someday.

Arianne Mico Largo, also a 3rd year student, meanwhile takes BS Business Administration. Mico has maintained his GPA of “B” (equivalent to 88% - 90%). He owes his skills in organizing and managing events for the success of various school activities.

During the Trade Fair held on January 29, 2015 at NTC, Mico’s group achieved the highest sales (108%) for the product they sold.  Likewise, his group’s feasibility study on Watermelon Chunky Jams in Entrepreneurship garnered an average of 96%, ranking them #1 and qualifying them to join BIDA’s national competition as NTC’s representative.

An active member of the Junior Achievement Marketing Society, Mico dreams of working in a private company someday and eventually put up and manage his own business firm.