LEAP Visita Iglesia 2016: “Regina Rica”

Last May 14, 2016, Saturday, LEAP had its Spiritual Enrichment Activity at Regina Rosarii (Mary Queen of the Rosary) in Tanay, Rizal led by the Spiritual Committee Chairman Ms. Erlynne Figueroa.

I googled immediately Regina Rica as it was my first time to heard of the place. I’ve found out that this place was big and tranquil. There’s Way of the Cross in the sprawling grounds. So, this place can get quite crowded during Lenten Season for prayer and pilgrimage. I have told myself that I will invite my mother to join me and my LEAP family in this spiritual event. I was thrilled to show her the pictures that I have collected when I got home and yes, like me, she was enthusiastic to join, too!

It took us 3 hours to get to Regina Rica from Makati but it’s all worth it when we get there. And besides, travelling with Ms. Erlynne, Ms. Luz, Ms. Bebeth, Ms. Liz, Ms. Angie (and her granddaughter, Princess, who is by the way our camera girl), Ms. Meg and of course Ms. Cecille, never had a dull moment with them. We ate “suman” and “bibingka” on our way….yum! yum!

When we get there, we met our Chairman Tintin Cobreros with her whole family. 77There’s a short orientation for all the visitors and guests. Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (“Regina Rica”). It is a place of Prayer, a Pilgrimage and Peace. It was being maintained by Dominican Sisters and was founded by Sister Mary Epifania F. Brasil, OP. Masses are held every day at 11AM except for Tuesdays because it is closed on that day.

After the orientation, we attended mass. Aside from praying, I made a wish since this is my first time in RICA Chapel. Inside the chapel, one would feel at peace and so relaxed. After mass, we had our lunch at Pasikulan restaurant. They do not serve meat only vegetables. I had my first taste of tofu kare-kare and it was good…

And then our walk started going to the 71-foot statue of the Regina Rosarii. The statue is uniquely defined by her hand opening her mantle, as if inviting people to come inside.There are some Ilonggo words used as a guide for guests like SULOD which means entrance. Inside the statue is also a SULOD (Sanctuary of Universal Love and Devotion) where you could meditate and pray. The sight and the view was simply breathtaking. Beside the statute, there’s a candle area where you could light different color of candles each with different intentions. 
When you want peace of mind and need to contemplate when you’re troubled, and needs to renew your weary body and soul through prayers go to Regina Rica.... you're not only with Mother Nature but also with the company of Mama Mary who is waiting on top of the hill....and truly you will find peace in your heart!!!

By Cristina Deslate

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