Familiarization Tour at the BFP Muntinlupa City Fire Station

The Organized Activity Committee had its first successful event which was recently held at the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Muntinlupa Fire Station. The participants, some of whom came with family members, toured the facilities and were given the opportunity to learn basic first aid from expert members of the BFP’s Emergency Medical Services team.

To a few brave members of LEAP, the highlight of the day was the experience of sliding down the fireman’s pole … it was quick but exciting indeed! But for everyone else, being given a ride in and atop the fire truck with lights flashing and sirens blaring topped it all! We were certainly happy that the real firemen did not have an emergency to respond to on that day!

Many thanks to SFO2 Roy Arbis and the BFP Emergency Medical Services team at Muntinlupa Fire Station for the warm welcome and enjoyable day.

By: Cynthia Arbis