LEAP May General Assembly - Financial Wellness

“Do something today that your future self will thank for.” As old as this cliché can get, the pursuit of financial security appears to be perpetual. While the fundamental principle of saving for retirement reached the awareness of a number of hardworking individuals, it still remains untapped in most corporate trainings and seminars. We, at LEAP, were fortunate to have been given an opportunity to leverage our financial literacy. We would like to thank again Mr. Kristoffer Anthony Patron, a financial advisor from Seedbox Philippines, for his substantial insights. He did not only encourage us to the first step but also challenged us to fulfill the life we envision when we retire.

LEAP also extended its gratitude to Wyndham Hotel Group for the conducive venue, sumptuous dinner, and generous raffle prizes. LEAP remains grateful to its sponsors and partners.

The assembly successfully concluded with new members aboard. We would like to congratulate and welcome again our new inductees. LEAP remains honored in witnessing and experiencing each one’s journey to “better self”.

By: Jollaine Faye Navarra