Valedictory Speech of 2018 Chairman of the Board of Directors

Honored guests, fellow members, ladies and gentlemen a pleasant evening to everyone.

As I mentioned in my acceptance speech a year ago, I accepted the position with excitement, enthusiasm and a bit of fear - worried that I will not have enough time to serve LEAP.  During that time, on the homefront, I have a new job position which means an added responsibility. I have a new Commercial Counsellor who is very enthusiastic and full of plans and business  ideas. I think she is working at least 20 hours a day. I was thinking, I have to cope up with her. However, with her full support, plus the support and encouragement of fellow members of LEAP, I accepted the position. Indeed, it was a challenging year. There were a lot of changes which took place with my fellow officers – some got promoted or had added responsibilities in their job position – which proves that LEAP members are really the excellent Administrative Professionals. These changes posted some challenge on how to juggle between our full time job and to serve LEAP. However, as we are inspired and prepared, we are able to deliver and reached another pinnacle of success for LEAP.

At this point, I just would like to highlight some accomplishments we had last year:

  • We accomplished 11 General Assemblies;  8 of which are sponsored by our partner hotels and establishments.

  • Inducted 10 new members which give us a total of 58 active members to date.

  • We were able to continue the financial  assistance for our 2 scholars from National Teachers College and  2 Scholars from the Hero Foundation.

  • We continued with our partnership with universities and accomplished 6 roadshows at National Teachers College, University of Makati, Taguig City University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa.

  • We had the Red Bag Day at the Social Development Center of Makati wherein we spent half a day of motivational activity with the socially challenged teenage girls at the center and some game activities with kids. We prepared lunch for all of them and they were given gifts of various things they could use.  We had 75 benefactors on this activity.

  • We engaged a new website administrator and we launched our new website design in September.

  • LEAP experienced some added exposure via the GNN Show / The Business Portal  on TV and via our social media accounts.

  • We identified our pool of speakers for LEAP to start offering In-House seminars.

  • We have signed a contract for a Virtual Office at Clock-in MSE and concurrent to that we are now compliant with all government requirements.

  • We invested on some materials which we always need such as the professional Canon camera, a hard drive and clicker which we use in our roadshows.

  • We created a special committee for our 10th year this year and around the 2nd half of 2018, we had started some activities geared towards our 10th year celebration.

  • And, we had the first out of the country trip of LEAP – a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November.

We had a lot more of other activities geared towards professional growth and

development of our members which is the key reason why LEAP is here. On financial

position, I am happy to report that LEAP is in a healthy financial condition.  

We are approaching our 10th year and I believe LEAP is on the right track. And all

of these will not be possible without the support of our members, our Executives and our partner companies.

I would like to thank my Board of Directors and Committee Chairs for their hard work and dedication to serve LEAP:

Ms. Joji Domantay – Vice Chairman and Chairperson of Programmes


Ms. Meg Isip – Scribe and Chairperson of Spiritual Enrichment Committee

Ms. Lara Pabalan, Asst. Scribe and Chairperson for Website and Public


Ms. Luz Canivel, Funds Manager and Chairperson for Recruitment

Ms. Apple Alingasa, Asst. Funds Manager and Chairperson for

Membership Committee

Ms. Tintin Cobreros, Auditor and Chairperson for Ways and Means

Ms. Rose Escueta, PRO and Chairperson for Organized Sustainability

Ms. Cha Arbis, Marshall and Chairperson for Organized Activities

Ladies, thank you very much.

I also would like to thank my Boss Christina, thank you very much for the support

and guidance and of course to the members of LEAP and your Executives, thank you very much for the continuous support.  This success of LEAP is for you and because of you!

I would like to congratulate the 2019 BOD. Knowing you ladies, I know that you will bring LEAP to another year of success.

Thank you very much and a wonderful evening to everyone.