Inaugural Speech of the 2019 Chairman of the Board of Directors - Ms. Ma. Paz "Jinky" T. Aguinaldo

Ma. Paz “Jinky” Aguinaldo
Induction 2019 BoD & Officers
Fairmont Makati Hotel Grand Ballroom
14 January 2019
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters and create ripples.”  These were the words of St. Mother Theresa.
Nearly 10 years ago, a group of 22 women saw the need for change.  This need to break out from the old resulted to forming a fresh, new organization – the League of Executive Assistants of the Philippines (or commonly known as LEAP).  
Over time, that number grew to 30 and then 40 and as of December 2018, we are proud that LEAP’s population grew to 58.
What does it say to us that LEAP only accounts for a small percentage share vs. the total number of Administrative Experts in the Philippines’ statistics?  
We have a long way to go! Reaching out to the 99% of administrative experts across the Philippines is no easy feat. Presently, we are just tapping approximately 1% and this just the tip of the iceberg.
The business landscape where Executive and Admin Experts belong can be unforgiving.  Therefore, we evolve and change with the times.  Acknowledging the need to adapt with the fast-paced environment, three important steps are undertaken:
(1) We kept ourselves up-to-date with technology.
(2) We embraced diversity and inclusion, and 
(3) We kept a grounded go-getting mindset towards the future.  
Let me expound further:
Number 1: We kept ourselves up-to-date with technology.
Where we used to arrange travels and meetings from our desks, today, we, ourselves, do the traveling, attend meetings not with  passive participation but a more active one. We need to be adaptable to the new normal of having digital whirl wind. 
Number 2: We embraced Diversity and Inclusion.
Over the past years, our membership was limited to females.  As of today, you will be pleased to note that LEAP has two (2) male members, one of whom, Ely Alde, forms part of the 2019 Board of Directors.
And number 3: We kept a grounded go-getting mindset towards the future!
George Bernard Shaw once said: “Experience is not something one can pass to another.  For this, you have to go through the fires.” We have to continuously evolve in our role to make sure we are relevant at work and we are significant in our respective organization. 
While the future is uncertain, we, as leaders of LEAP, are sowing, gardening and nurturing our members. We need to plough  the road…not for us but for our successors and the next generation. 
Number 1: We are establishing a strong succession planning.
Number 2: While we are welcoming of candidates to increase our numbers, we ensure a fit-for-purpose recruitment, thereby having members of caliber.
Number 3: We keep on finding breakthroughs in our field.  What we can do differently that will support our companies and executives to deliver and be our best selves in the process.   
In conclusion, Ladies and Gentlemen, ten years may not be enough to create an impact in the business landscape.  But for LEAP, these 10 years have been richly rewarding. 
As we begin to celebrate our 10th Year milestone, we remain thankful yet we never settle.  Our hunger for change and growth remains.    Together with you, our dear Executives and the support of our companies, we keep on evolving, learning and breaking the glass ceiling with high hopes that one day, in the not-so-distant future, we will be where you are in the organizational chart.
In addition, yes, as we turn  full circle,  we will keep casting stones across the waters and create ripples to change the world! Salute!