NATIONAL EDUCATION FORUM: Perspective from Two Attendees

For some time, I felt like I have lost the drive of being a an Admin. Assistant.  With my previous boss moving offices and transitioning to assist our Department Head, I found myself finishing days where 10 hours of being at work were not productive. There was not enough motivation and direction.

Attending the “Level Up and Break Boundaries” forum of LEAP was very timely and truly a blessing to me. It made me realize that change starts with me. Our Division could improve if I improve myself and be a game changer. It reminded me of how influential my position is in our Division. I also realized that I can be the next generation leader in my own way, inside my division. The speakers were very inspirational; it made me hopeful of what I could do in the future. I left the forum inspired, changed, blessed and happy.

  • Erika Caballero, Admin Assistant – F&B Division, New World Makati Hotel


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Being able to lead yourself and other people will give progress to your life.

The forum ignited the passion within me to serve people while also focusing in making myself better.  It gave me a wide perspective of being conscious to your environment and adjust how you should act on different kinds of situation.

As I take my journey to minimalism, I became more aware of the essential things especially having the grit to succeed in what I want. The experiences and life stories of the guest speakers helped me to have a clearer picture of my reason for existence.

Lastly, I learned that the ceiling that we put unto ourselves is the hardest to breakthrough. That’s why we always need to believe in ourselves and trust God that we will succeed in the challenge we call life.

  • Juan Carlos Caldo, HR Assistant – New World Makati Hotel