"De-STRESSing" in Davao

"Stress? What stress?", ironically exclaimed one of the ladies who arrived in the beautiful city of Davao to attend LEAP's latest seminar entitled "Win Your Battle with Stress @ Work". This training session conducted on Oct. 9-11 by certified and licensed EQ trainer, Ms. Ging Igual, was indeed much appreciated by the 30 participants who face multiple challenges every day, both in the corporate world and the home front.

We realized that our stress is mostly caused by relationships, and that the antidote is to be happy and make those around us happy by exuding positive energy. We were reminded to be accepting of things that we cannot change. At the same time, we were urged to be the spark, if not the light, to bring about progressive change, and Have Only Positive Expectations (HOPE).

There were group discussions during the training, including role playing, and even singing and dancing to the tune of Pharrell Williams' song, Happy. There was so much positive energy that many a participant found herself humming along and clapping ("... clap along if you feel happiness is the truth") even after the sessions.

Prior to the seminar proper, we had the privilege of listening to the insights of Mr. Tony Aquino, former president of Ayala Land Inc. In keeping with the theme of the training, he gave his three personal de-stresser tips (to help make it easier for us to do our jobs):

    a) Understand the company's business, overall objectives and challenges;
    b) Decentralize and empower employees. Have BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals);
    c) Align personal values with those of the company.

We can only listen in awe of a corporate executive who makes it a point to keep his employees informed, engaged and involved in the business, trusting that each will share and uphold the values of the company.

Feedback from the seminar attendees was very encouraging; they were certainly recharged, once again ready to face the world of work, but this time more self aware and confident that the battle over stress is easily won.