LEAP March 2012 GA

By Rose Escueta

In time for our reflection for the coming Lenten Season, this month’s General Assembly opened with the Fr. Armand Robleza’s inspirational message which he aptly entitled "Seriously Speaking – Jesus The Christ". Indeed, listening to Fr. Armand speak gives you the feeling of hearing the words of Jesus Himself as He shared God’s wisdom. He taught us the 3 main dimensions of the "Self" and left us with 6 big lessons and questions we needed to contemplate on:

The Acquisitive Self – comprises of feelings, thought patterns, reactions and the numb self.

1) Say "enough" – When do we say "enough"? Decide what happiness and success mean to you otherwise you’ll drown yourself in clutter. We don’t have to be successful to be happy.

2) Share your blessings – Which treasures are you willing to give away? To love someone, you have to let go of something. What will you give up for love? Take the inner journey to your heart. God is so passionate! He gave you what you need!


The Wounded Self – characterized by poor self image, fear, conditional love, unsettled questions, anger, & helplessness

3) Forgive, Forgive, Forgive – Which unforgivables will you lift to God?

4) Tame your pains – Which hurts will you turn around? Bad things happen to everyone! In the mind of God, everything has a reason. There is nothing you cannot forgive. In the midst of all the hurts and pains, we should always put in our minds – "I am not a miser nor am I at the losing end."

Imprisoned Splendor – affirmation of one’s self; connected to others; one’s significant in creation; "fear of the Lord"

5) Believe in enthusiasm – Which pathetic behaviours will you change? What kind of life will you have if God does not care? If fear, apathy, and greed rule your heart? I will never, never doubt that God loves me! He gave us the courage to live, the enthusiasm to succeed, the compassion to care. With this, we should thank the Lord for loving us without conditions and reservations.

6) Extend compassion – Which unlovables will you care for? God created solitude but not loneliness. Commit yourself to uplift people from their pains and sufferings. Claim it as your chief concern to make other people happy. Be the first one to do unto others what you want them to do unto you – especially those who cannot repay you. Do this with a smile. J

In the coming Lenten season, let’s heave a break and take the inner journey into our hearts. Only then we’ll be able to realize that we have a loving God who sacrificed His only son, Jesus Christ, on the cross so we may live!