NTC Roadshow: A huge success and a first for LEAP!

25th August marked a 1st for LEAP, when finally, after a postponement from the original 11th August schedule, our Roadshow pushed through.

Everything was great! Our initial meeting with Ms. Marlyn Mabalot, Dean at NTC, a few weeks back, paved the way for the conduct of the roadshow. Last Saturday, despite the weather forecasts, we were blessed with a cooperative one. We received a warm welcome upon reaching the National Teachers College, students looked eager on what we were to share. The preparations done were flawless.

Frances, Rose and myself were doubly excited meeting NTC. We arrived early in the venue and started off with a prayer. Students across year levels from the colleges of the Business Administration, Office Administration and Accountancy, around 400 of them came. At exactly 2:00pm, the programme kicked off. Mr. Jose Oscar Arguelles, Vice President for Planning, delivered the welcome remarks, thanked the students for coming. Mr. Arguelles acknowledged how important the role is of an Executive Assistant. He set the mood for an interactive afternoon session by asking the students what they think an Executive Assistant is. And yes, we did receive answers.

LEAP's L&D Chair, Ching Bognot, gave a brief on what L&D is and the reason why we were conducting the roadshow at NTC. LEAP’s Chair, Frances Peria, delivered her talk on the “Admin Landscape” and introduced LEAP. The students were impressed when the slide on member companies was shown. NTC prepared intermission numbers between our talks. Rose, on behalf of Tintin Cobreros (Chair, Organizational Sustainability) then discussed about the Scholarship – a partnership between LEAP and NTC. This is a project by the Organizational Sustainability Committee to support via scholarship a few students of NTC, the Admin Profession. We expect to have the project kicked off by the 2nd semester of SY 2012-2013.

Ching gave her talk on “Small Steps to Great Leaps”, focusing on attitudes to success, talking from personal experiences and success stories. To complete our speaking engagement, Rose then gave her talk on “HR: Getting to First Base: How to Get the Job You Want.”

The students were very eager to hear tips from Rose with topics ranging from resume contents to the interviews and salary ranges.

The three of us gave examples from our personal experiences around being an Admin Professional and Executive Assistant. We felt the eagerness of the students as they took notes during the talks and responded actively during the sessions – both asking questions and responding to questions thrown to them by us.

Our sincerest thanks to Tintin Cobreros (Usana) and Jenny Alarcon (Novartis) for the give-aways. We awarded the students with tokens for their active participation and it was very much appreciated.

The faculty present also shared their feedback. Ms. Vangie Pamaos, who has been Executive Assistant to the Chairman and President of NTC, was very appreciative of the talks which made her realize more her value in the profession. Our thanks, as well, to Ms. Jacquiline Serrano who acted as Moderator and the sumptuous refreshments prepared by Chef Ruth.

As for Frances, Rose and myself, it was a worthwhile event. The exercise taught us how much we have to share to help the younger generation of aspiring Admin Professionals succeed. Yes, in the end, all our efforts paid off and we look forward to the next Roadshow!

Ad majorem dei gloriam!