The Members

In the corporate world, we can easily say that behind a very busy Executive is an equally, if not busier Executive Assistant. Working closely with their boss, the life of an Executive Assistant can be exciting and (extra) challenging at times. Before, during, and after every engagement, the EA is there to make sure all their Executive’s needs are taken care of. Even before they say it, the EA’s are already working on what their Executives will need. When they are away, it is the EAs who make sure that things in the office are in order for their boss. All of these are part of an EA’s job.

Pinning down this lady for a quiet lunch was no mean feat, as most of her time seems to be taken up by work. While I did manage to have lunch with Elvi, it certainly wasn’t quiet; it was boisterous and punctuated with laughter. With her quick wit and humor, Elvi is the life of every gathering – big or small. While she is candid, she is so hilarious no one takes offense; she always provides comic relief and leaves no one in her vicinity unaffected. Elvi does turn serious though, when she talks about work and family.

I find it fascinating trying to get to know someone by asking the person who she is. And the kind of answer one gives right at the top of her head tells you one’s persona and what her priorities are.

For someone who is known to be very accomplished, I expected to receive a 5-page resume listing all her achievements. I was pleasantly surprised when all I got was a one-page resume complete with a 2"x 2" photo within the equally margined frame of a letter-sized paper. Without enumerating what she has done in her professional life, she managed to highlight her forte, strengths and accomplishments – enough for any potential employer not to doubt that Jinky would be an invaluable partner to any executive she works with. Indeed, what she has achieved in her relatively short career is quite remarkable.

Besides being aware of her enviable height of 5'7" and her chinky eyes, I didn't know much about Cecille. In an interview with her, my first question was, "Who is Cecille Luna?", and her short reply was, "A mother".

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