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The Chairman: Ms. Tintin Cobreros

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In the corporate world, we can easily say that behind a very busy Executive is an equally, if not busier Executive Assistant. Working closely with their boss, the life of an Executive Assistant can be exciting and (extra) challenging at times. Before, during, and after every engagement, the EA is there to make sure all their Executive’s needs are taken care of. Even before they say it, the EA’s are already working on what their Executives will need. When they are away, it is the EAs who make sure that things in the office are in order for their boss. All of these are part of an EA’s job.


But for Ms. Ma. Cristina “Tintin” Cobreros, it is the challenge that makes her work as an Executive Assistant amazing. According to her, she likes taking charge and keeping things in order so that her Boss can be as efficient and effective as expected. Moreover, she likes how the work as an EA can be empowering as you get to make decisions for and with your boss and help your organization.

Ms. Tintin began her career as a Business Assistant in A Japanese multinational company, Marubeni Corporation, in 1997 when she was just 19 years old. After years in the said company, she moved to Triumph International Philippines and took the post as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. It was during this time that she decided to go back the university and study BS Accountancy as her second degree. She graduated in 1997 with a BS Computer Science degree.

In 2008, she moved to USANA Health Sciences (UHS) Essential Health Philippines, Inc. and became the Executive Assistant to the General Manager. Her responsibilities include handling all administrative works such as local purchasing, travel arrangements for all local staff and corporate visitors and maintenance of corporate offices in Makati City and Davao City.

She became part of the League of Executive Assistants of the Philippines, Inc. (LEAP) in 2010. After being inducted, she became an active member of various committees and eventually a part of the Board of Directors and Committee Chair. In 2015, she was chosen as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization. And in the last LEAP Election for the member of the BOD, she was once again chosen to be its Chairman. When asked what she likes most about LEAP, she cited the friendship that was built in the organization and the love for each other and the profession that became the building blocks of LEAP.

Aside from being an Executive Assistant, Ms. Tintin is also a proud mother to three wonderful children: Liezl (11 years old), Drew (9 years old), and Caela (6 years old). And when she’s not busy conquering the corporate world, she is busy finding the best and pinkest buy in the nearest shopping center.

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